Risk Assessment Pro allows you to leave your static spreadsheets and instead enable a dynamic approach to identify and handle financial crime risks. Save time and valuable resources, while increasing quality and level of compliance.
Risk Assessment Overview
Data import
Inherent Risks
The intelligence-led approach in Risk Assessment Pro enables data-driven, valuable input into every part of your financial crime framework.
Always included
Updated financial crime intelligence based on global and regional sources plus national risk assessments.
  • High resolution content (domestic sources)
  • Local AML regulations
Create Dynamic Risk Assessments
  • Business-wide risk assessments
  • Product risk assessments
  • Customer risk indicators (including high-risk industries and legal forms)
  • Transaction risk indicators
  • High-risk country lists
Read more about the risk-based approach and the importance of intelligence in the upcoming EBA Guidelines
  • Automatically adapted content based on your business
  • Assess all risks from customers, products, transactions, channels and geographies
  • Leverage upon Acuminor’s powerful, updated financial crime threat intelligence and apply your own insights into threats and risks
  • Extensive control library with full freedom to adapt to your business
  • Data-driven analyses with API integration possibilities
  • Built-in risk engine and report creation tool
  • Fully scalable to suit your size and complexity
  • Many customization options to help you evolve over time
  • Available as secure cloud service - no IT implementation needed
Get started
We offer two ways to give you a head start when using your new tool:
Platform Launch Package (PLP)
  • Gets you up and running with Risk Assessment Pro in a series of workshops
  • Training while doing concept
  • Done remotely
Platform Laund Package Plus (PLP+)
PLP with additional project support from our certified consultancy partners
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