Financial crime today
Money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions violations pose a
Financial crime statistics

  • € 800–2000 billion each year are criminal assets
  • € 80 billion spent by European banks on anti-financial crime each year
  • € 23 billion in fines for non-compliance of anti-financial crime regulations in 2018
  • 80,000 dead in terrorist attacks last 5 years
  • 2.4 million human trafficking victims today, 79% of whom are being exploited sexually
  • 450,000 kilograms of heroin is being smuggled each year
  • 20,000 African elephants killed by poachers for ivory each year
towards global safety and security and affect millions of people each day. Society needs help to stop the criminals, which has led to new strict anti-financial crime regulations that affect hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide.

Key challenges for regulated companies
  • Manual processes drive extreme costs and reduce efficiency
  • Shortage of financial crime expertise reduces quality and the ability to comply with the regulations
  • Massive amounts of regularly updated information is needed to understand the risk exposure
  • Evidence is required to prove a risk-based approach to the regulators
  • Failure to comply results in revoked license to operate or hefty fines
A true risk-based approach
Acuminor provides you with the tools and the knowledge to know what and where your highest financial crime risks are, so that you can take appropriate action.

Our updated library contains unique
Acuminor utilises advanced analytics tools powered by machine learning to enable our intelligence analysts to provide high-quality analyses based on objective facts.
of financial crime methods, identified through hundreds of reliable, vetted .

We constantly collect and analyse vetted, reliable and objective reports on a global, continental and national level to provide the best possible understanding of financial crime and .

Our cloud-based library contains:
800+ financial crime threats
700+ risk indicators
400+ sources
50 000+ pages analysed

Get quick and easy access to the updated library with our cloud service Threatview®.

Dynamic risk assessments
By adding your own you can enable a detailed and granular of your entire organisation, a specific product or anything in between.

The automatic nature of Acuminor’s solution provides an effective way to assess , and . The risk engine generates immediate, detailed and across your organisation. The embedded report generation tool enables swift generation capabilities.

Get an effective overview of your strategic risks, create reports and gain actionable insights with Risk Assessment Pro.

Business benefits
Our solution can be used to increase quality and significantly reduce costs in entire anti-financial crime frameworks as well as in specific risk management projects and daily operations.
A brighter world
By applying intelligence to your work against financial crime, you not only save money and valuable resources – you can also make a real difference in society.

Together, we create a brighter world.