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Intelligence data and risk assessments 

Financial crime intelligence
to optimize your risk and control framework

Use the Acuminor Intelligence Operating System to get a more objective, granular, and evidence-based view of risk to improve productivity and justify your decisions.

Transform your financial crime program

Modern financial crime teams need to optimize their programs and react as new information emerges, while justifying every dollar. The Acuminor Intelligence Operating System can help you set strategy, manage tactical information, drive changes, and empower the first line of defense.

Understand your true risks

Optimize your framework

Empower the business to act

The Acuminor Intelligence Operating System

Your business-wide risk assessment is the cornerstone of your financial crime program. See how you can automate it today.

Financial crime program transformation

Take a true risk-based approach by embedding threat intelligence into your framework to aid understanding and empower your team.  


Enterprise-wide risk assessment automation

Turn your EWRA into a strategic ongoing process that's efficient, automated, effective, and meets all compliance expectations. 


Financial crime knowledge management

Stay on top of emerging risks with industry-leading intelligence data and align your organization around a single taxonomy. 


Transaction monitoring optimization

Reduce alerts, improve understanding, and see how effective scenarios are by mapping controls to a granular view of risk exposure. 


Enhanced investigations

Give your investigations teams the context and processes to remediate risks faster and effortlessly evidence their conclusions.   


Community intelligence

Connect with your peers, stay up to date with emerging threats, risks, and control best practices. Qualified professionals only. 

Financial crime library and taxonomy

  • Comprehensive coverage: Access global sources (e.g. Wolfsberg, FATF, and more), regional sources (e.g. national risk assessments), and deep-dive content (e.g. country-specific NCA reports).
  • Quality you can trust: Our team of law enforcement and financial crime specialists review and cross-reference all sources. Stringent controls ensure that information is accurate and unbiased. 

  • Traceability and context: Every data point can be traced back to reputable source documents which provide real-world context for risk indicators. 

Align all your financial crime domains

Money laundering

Terrorist financing


Anti-bribery & corruption


Proliferation financing

Customer stories

The threat cards are useful for reviewing risk indicators and ensuring we're monitoring those relevant to the typology, jurisdiction, and entity of our business. It gives us a broad overview of the risk environment.

Head of Financial Crime
Tier 1 Bank, United Kingdom

The links to sources are very useful and we'll be using it to supplement our thematic reviews.

Regulatory Practice Lead
Tier 1 Bank, Sweden

Unlike other tools, Acuminor gives us the full picture of global, continental, and domestic threat intelligence, independent of jurisdiction.

Head of Financial Crime Analytics
Tier 1 Bank, Germany

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