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Strategic intelligence to power financial crime operations

Access the world's most actionable threat intelligence library, including risks, risk indicators, and controls. Map them to your customers, products, transaction types, channels and geographies.

Make intelligence the cornerstone of your financial crime program

The quality of our intelligence sets Acuminor apart from other solutions. By working with us, you have the largest financial crime library available at your finger tips. Use it to:

Meet regulator expectations on using threat intelligence

Build a knowledge base tailored to your business

Align everyone around a single taxonomy and understanding

Evidence decisions by linking to original sources

Global coverage

By using the Acuminor Intelligence Platform, you'll get access to:

  • Global sources (e.g. FATF).
  • Regional and country level sources (e.g. National Risk Assessments).
  • Deep-dive content focussed on specific countries, threats, or sectors.
  • Verified open-source intelligence (OSINTv) published by international and national authorities.
  • Tailored content for enterprise, retail, correspondent, or investment banking, wealth and asset management, real estate, payments providers, and competent authorities and regulators. See more.

Quality you can trust

We employ a team of financial crime experts experienced in both law enforcement and banking. All applicants need to pass a rigorous and competitive interview process.

Although we use artificial intelligence and machine learning to process large amounts of data, everything we publish is reviewed by humans before being released on the platform. 

Our financial crime analysts ensure insights are accurate, and turned into practical takeaways that you can act on immediately. 


Traceability and context

Every piece of data on the Acuminor platform can be traced back to reputable original source documents. 

You can use this to evidence your team's findings and provide real-world context to your risk and control owners on what your actual threat or risk level is, empowering them to act. 


Domains we cover:

Money laundering

See exactly how and to what extent your organization is exposed to money laundering risks. Complement your own customer due diligence and transaction monitoring data with:

  • 26 Predicate offenses aligned to the globally accepted anti-money laundering regimes
  • FATF recommendations
  • Egmont Group reports
  • Wolfsberg Group questionnaire and standards
  • Government and regulatory reports
  • Publicly available information
  • Watchlists 
  • Law enforcement reports
  • Peer intelligence sharing

Terrorist financing

Stay on top of the risks posed by this complex and ever-evolving danger to stop terrorism in its tracks and reduce the number of victims affected. Access our up-to-date database that includes:

  • Detailed reports on distinct categories of terrorism such as leftist, far right and religious extremism. 
  • The most recent reports and recommendations from global, regional, and national law enforcement bodies. 


Protect your business from the legal, reputational, and financial damage that can result from violating global sanctions regimes. Our database is kept up to date with the latest sanctions regimes and includes:

  • Current restrictive measures from globally applicable intergovernmental and regional sources.
  • Information on asset freezes, trade in goods, financial measures, arms embargoes, etc. 
1 - EWRA - reports & action plans 1

Proliferation financing

Assess your organization's exposure to proliferation activity. Our database can give you access to:

  • The latest FATF recommendations.
  • Current recommendations and reports published by intergovernmental, regional, and national law enforcement bodies.
  • Verified open-source intelligence (OSINTv) sources.
7 - Financial-intelligence-unit-horizon-scanning

Anti-bribery & corruption

Understand your organization's AB&C risk by accessing the latest recommendations, including:

  • Recommendations from the government agencies governing the countries you operate in. 
  • Peer intelligence sharing. 


Unite your entire organization's efforts to stamp out fraud. You can manage risks and controls within the money laundering domain, treating fraud as a predicate offence, or deal with it separately, letting your fraud team align and integrate their work in one place. Our intelligence database includes:

  • A clear, up-to-date view of the fraud typologies putting your business at risk.
  • The latest reports from intergovernmental, regional, and national law enforcement bodies. 
  • Peer intelligence sharing. 

Customer stories

The threat cards are useful for reviewing risk indicators and ensuring we're monitoring those relevant to the typology, jurisdiction, and entity of our business. It gives us a broad overview of the risk environment.

Head of Financial Crime
Tier 1 Bank, United Kingdom

The links to sources are very useful and we'll be using it to supplement our thematic reviews.

Regulatory Practice Lead
Tier 1 Bank, Sweden

Unlike other tools, Acuminor gives us the full picture of global, continental, and domestic threat intelligence, independent of jurisdiction.

Head of Financial Crime Analytics
Tier 1 Bank, Germany

Learn how you can combine Acuminor content with your own intelligence to align the organization with a single financial crime taxonomy and understanding.