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Frida Spångberg

We're getting ready to scale with Zenith Group and Edastra

Press release:

With the Swedish investment companies Zenith Group and Edastra at the helm, Acuminor is now raising just over SEK 19 million. The investment enables Acuminor to focus on further development and recruitment of new employees and growth into new markets.

Acuminor is a Swedish technology company that, with the help of machine learning and its own intelligence analysts, has created the world’s largest database of money laundering and terrorist financing threats and risks. Through its unique SaaS platforms, Acuminor enables authorities and companies to understand and address their financial crime risks.

The company was founded in mid 2018 and the first product was launched in 2020.

Today, Acuminor is used by more than 750 companies in 13 different countries, including major international banks, gaming companies, law enforcement, real estate agents and payment service companies.

“Edastra invests in differentiated entrepreneurial companies that solve the great challenges of our time. Money laundering is, unfortunately, a gigantic and growing challenge for society. The investment in Acuminor will be used to scale up the business and make it more difficult to commit crimes in the payment system.“

Christian Hellman, CEO Edastra AB

“With impressive growth, Acuminor has in a short time proven the value of its product that revolutionises the management of risk analysis, a problem that is growing in both cost and complexity. The company is now in a position to scale internationally, and I look forward to using this investment and the awesome team to take the company to the next level.”

Caroline Nylund, Partner at Zenith

“We are now leaving the launch pad and are on our way up through the atmosphere. It is a fantastic privilege to have such experienced investors on our journey.”

Martin Nordh, CEO Acuminor

For questions please contact Frida Spångberg Head of Marketing at Acuminor.