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Another tier 1 bank places its trust in Acuminor

Acuminor is delighted to announce it has engaged in a new collaboration with another international financial institution to provide its financial crime threat intelligence database, ThreatView.

The bank needs to consume large amounts of reports and other materials in order to understand how they are exposed to different financial crimes across its enterprise operations. It took the decision to use Threat View to reduce the need to manually sort through reports themselves for up-to-date information related to financial crime typologies that will then be fed into its risk assessment process.

About ThreatView

The product ThreatView is a user interface allowing access to Acuminor’s financial crime threat and risk intelligence database. The results can be used to understand risks and improve controls in a number of use cases such as New Product Approval Process (NPAP), to steer accuracy in customer risk scoring processes and to help inform transaction monitoring scenario design. It can also be used to feed data into risk assessment processes or for internal financial crime training needs.

Acuminor’s CEO Martin Nordh: “Financial crime – money laundering and terrorist financing – constitutes a massive threat towards global safety and security. We are very proud to provide key players such as large financial institutions with the structured intelligence they need to become more effective in their fight against financial crime”.

About Acuminor

The methods used by criminals is constantly evolving and each organisation faces different risks as a result. With help of expertise and powerful technology, Acuminor’s risk analysis platform provides unique insights into threats and risks from money laundering, terrorist financing and sanction violations. This enables you to know your risks and reduce them before it’s too late.