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Increasing problem with money laundering through high-value dealers

The Swedish public broadcasting network SVT had an exciting episode on money laundering, describing how criminals use high-value dealers to launder criminal proceeds in cash. Sweden is a cash-less society to a significant extent, making you question how the dealers of high-value goods manage the anti-money laundering regulations. The yearly report from the Swedish FIU confirms this, where criminal proceeds from cash-intensive crimes, such as narcotics, are laundered with this sector’s aid. Money laundering through dealers in high-value goods is a high risk in many countries and a growing problem. A new trend in this sector is the criminals’ use of surrogate shopper networks, making it harder to connect perpetrators to the purchases directly.

For more information on money laundering through dealers of high-value goods, head over to SVT and check out the ”Veckans Brott” episode regarding this (in Swedish) and read the report from the FIU . For in-depth details on the subject, head over to our product ThreatView to see how the situation looks on a grander scale.