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Intelligence Insights – An update from our Intelligence Team Q3 – 2023


During the third quarter of 2023, Acuminor has published 10 releases of new data models accessible within our products, containing content and analysis across international, European and domestic levels. These updates have resulted in 15 new risk indicators for transactions, customers and industries.

Updates on a European level include the addition of reports from:

  • Europol.
  • RUSI Europe.
  • European Payments Council.

Changes to country risk lists include:

  • EU high risk third countries.

With respect to domestic ‘deep dive’ content, customers with access to financial crime threat intelligence have received updates for Norway with a report from the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime. Sweden has been updated with a report from the Coordinating Body for AML/CFT. The UK has been updated with reports from the National Crime Agency and the UK Financial Intelligence Unit.


Sanctions and Compliance

We constantly monitor the situation in Ukraine and the impact this might have on our content related to Sanctions.

Minor updates on the compliance package for Norway have been made to reflect recent changes in legislation.


Upcoming changes to content and products

Proliferation Financing

The intelligence team is in the final stages of releasing the new threat category on Proliferation Financing. The first release will contain three threats and 30+ new risk indicators relevant for proliferation financing derived from the analysed reports.


The updates are accessible in our products. Request a demo for Risk Assessment Pro and try our threat intelligence platform ThreatView  here .