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Leading global car leasing company signs agreement with Acuminor

We are delighted to announce we have signed an agreement with one of the foremost global car leasing companies, who have partnered with us to help support their financial crime risk management.

Acuminor Risk Assessment Pro, driven by Acuminor’s Threat Intelligence data, will be implemented across a number of countries to help the business units understand and assess the threats and risks they face from financial crime, evaluate their control strengths and ultimately generate the business wide risk assessment. The system will then help them to stay on top of financial crime risk by providing a dynamic approach to any changes to the threat landscape to which they are exposed.

Additionally, Risk Assessment Pro will also automatically generate high risk lists as well as feed intelligence into other components of their anti-financial crime framework.

If you are interested in hearing more how Acuminor can help you move away from static processes and develop better outcomes based on our technology and data assets, please contact us for a conversation or demonstration . Learn more about our product Risk Assessment Pro here .