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Frida Spångberg

Live event Stockholm 15 sept-22

Autumn is here and we are very happy to kickstart it with live seminar events.

Our first one was presented by our Senior intelligence analyst Mara Wesseling, the topic was “The unintendedconsequence of terrorist financing controls on the non-profit sector”.

An unintended consequence of AML/CTF legislation is the unnecessary de-risking of legitimate Non-Profit Organisations( NPOs). Designed to prevent Money ending up in terrorist’s pockets, CTF controls have disastrous consequences when humanitarian aid in conflict areas does not arrive in time or needs to be cancelled.Therefore, is the de-risking of NPOs really necessary?

At Acuminor, we believe there must be a better solution.

We talked about the solutions that are currently being proposed to improve de-risking of NPO’s and look at how can we , with the help of tech, further improvements can be made.

If you missed this event but would like a copy of the white paper written by Mara, please email us:

Stay tuned for upcoming events!