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TangoPay x Acuminor

Acuminor is excited to announce a new relationship with TangoPay , a digital payments provider based in the United Kingdom.

TangoPay aims to provide essential niche money remittance services around the world, with a specific focus on providing digital financial solutions for the unbanked migrant population. Acuminor is proud to be providing the platform for TangoPay to conduct their business wide financial crime risk assessment using Acuminor’s Risk Assessment Professional, making it efficient for them to understand their financial crime threats and create actional insights to help protect their growing product portfolio against misuse.

Acuminor’s CEO Martin Nordh says: “We are very happy to be supporting businesses like TangoPay, who are representative of a new wave of payment providers and innovative digital payment solutions. We hope that this is the start of a long term relationship and we can support TangoPay as they grow and expand into new markets.