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Weekly Round-Up, 1 October – 21

In the “Weekly Round-Up” we summarise and give extra reading suggestions for some of the past weeks financial crime news headlines, powered by Acuminor’s crime universe ThreatView® .

Good morning October! We are amid autumn and in one of our more intense periods with full-on development of our external and internal products, interacting with new partners and customers and ploughing through the avalanches of information.  Or, as I usually say, the fun times.

The Global Organized Crime Index 2021

There have been some fascinating pieces of information passing by my desk this week, and a few I want to share. To start with, the release of Global Initiatives endeavour to create a global index of organised crime. It comes with both a report and a fantastic tool. It is an excellent undertaking of great value, so kudos to Global Initiative and involved parties in this project. Great work!

The report: The Global Organized Crime Index 2021

The tool: The Global Organized Crime Index 2021 – The Tool

Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online

The non-governmental organisation TRAFFIC released a progress update from the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online. Coalition companies have reported blocking or removing 11,631,819 posts and listings of illegal wildlife for sale, very impressive and scary when looking at the sheer volume. Don’t kill the earth people; we need it.

Tech Companies Block More than 11.6 Million Transactions for Endangered Wildlife Online

Evading sanctions – North Korean activities

Sanctions evasion techniques are always interesting to study. They are often also connected to other crimes to go around sanctions imposed on countries, entities, and individuals. The Thinktank, Rand corporation, has done a study on North Korean activities when evading sanctions

North Korean Sanctions Evasion Techniques

The Crypto-ecosystem

Chain Analysis has published its statistics on the global state of the crypto-ecosystem. According to Chainalysis, Central, Northern, & Western Europe (CNWE) is now the largest cryptocurrency economy in the world. Quote: “receiving over $1 trillion worth of cryptocurrency over the last year, which represents 25% of global activity”.

DeFi Whales Turned Central, Northern & Western Europe into the World’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Economy

So, get cosy by a fire or under a blanket if you are in the same climate zone as I am and get some reading done. If you want more daily updates on what we pick up around the world regarding crime and typologies, dive into our Daily news feed or head over to ThreatView to access our analysis on crime, components and how they connect to each other.