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Johan Landström

Weekly Round-Up 10-14 Oct-22

It's Friday, and we are amid cyber security awareness month. I first thought that everything we would see in our information coverage would be saturated with cyber threats. Still, this week has brought us, as usual, a varied mix of topics and quite a lot of longer publications. Here are some highlights.

Interpol reports that the joint operation Trigger VII led to arrests in 19 countries and massive seizures of drugs and firearms.

Interpol- Hundreds of firearms and 12.6 tonnes of drugs seized in Caribbean operation

We, of course, have seen cyber-related news. Brian Krebs has made a blog post on how banks in the USA, even if they are legally obliged to reverse fraudulent purchases, do not always follow their obligations.

KrebsonSecurity- Report: Big U.S banks are stiffing account takeover victims

The Guardian has published a lengthy article on how human trafficking victims in Cambodia are forced into committing cybercrime.

The Guardian- Sold to gangs, forced to run online scams: inside Cambodia's cybercrime crisis

Now some sanction updates. OFAC announced new sanctions targeting the North Korean fuel procurement network. It is a good explanation of evasion tactics used by several sanctioned entities to be able to transport fuel and energy.

U.S Department Of The Treasury- Treasury Targets North Korea Fuel Procurement Network

Dutch investigators arrest man for violating Russia sanctions in microchip deals.

NL Times- Dutch investigators arrest man for violating Russia sanctions in microchip deals

Here are some of the recommended lengthy reads to round up this week's round-up.

Transparency International UK has researched the abuse of UK limited liability partnerships.

Transparency International UK- Research Exposes Industrial- Scale Abuse of UK Limited Liability Partnerships for Financial Crime

In another article from Transparency International, they publish their insight into how" multinational companies bribing their way into foreign markets "and that they mostly go unpunished.

Transparency International- Exporting corruption 2022: Top trading countries doing even less than before to stop foreign bribery

ProPublica has published two articles on a money laundering system involving Chinese organized crime, Latin American drug cartels, Chinese officials and a former president.

ProPublica- How a Chinese American Gangster Transformed Money Laundering for Drug Cartels

ProPublica -The Globetrotting Con Man and Suspected Spy Who Met With President Trump

That's all for this week. Until next time, have a fantastic weekend.