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Johan Landström

Weekly Round-Up 12-16 Sept-22

It’s time for the weekly roundup from our story corner. Among the articles and reports that have flown passed us this week, here are some highlights,

We are starting with some updates from law enforcement. Europol released two statements on busts targeting money launderers. First, a joint police operation has broken up a massive international organized crime ring.

Europol- Spanish authorities break into narco bank

Secondly, an international law enforcement operation led by the Spanish Guardia Civil, one of Europe’s biggest money launderers, was arrested on 12 September in Malaga, Spain.

Europol-One of Europe’s biggest money launderers arrested in Spain.

The international bodies, FATF and INTERPOL, are to intensify global asset recovery efforts.

Interpol- FATF and INTERPOL intensify global asset recovery

There has been much on human trafficking the past week, an extremely cynical crime that always needs attention.

ProPublica has released an investigation into human trafficking’s newest abuse: Forcing Victims into Cyberscamming.

ProPublica-Human Trafficking’s newest Abuse: Forcing Victims Into Cyberscamming

The UNODC’s new research into migration from Nigeria reveals that 75% of Nigerian migrants planned to use smugglers or travel facilitators.

United Nations- New research shows that 75% of Nigerian migrants planned to use smugglers or travel facilitators for land journeys

The organisation Ecpat has released their comments on the European Commission’s Proposal to Combat Child Sexual Abuse in the EU.

ECPAT- ECPAT comments on the European commission’s Proposal to Combat Child Sexual Abuse in the EU

Let’s finish this week’s round with a new report from the UN Office on migration. The Global Estimates of Modern Slavery Report shows that fifty million people lived in modern slavery conditions in 2021.

IOM-50 Million People Worldwide in Modern Slavery

Until next time, have a fantastic weekend!