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Weekly Round-Up, 12 October – 21

In the “Weekly Round-Up” we summarise and give extra reading suggestions for some of the past weeks financial crime news headlines, powered by Acuminor’s crime universe ThreatView® .

International Fraud Awareness Week 2021

If October was Cyber Security Month, then November has a lot of focus on Fraud. Between November the 12th-20th the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) is the driver for International Fraud Awareness Week 2021. ACFE and many supporting organisations will help to spread a lot of valuable information on Fraud related topics. It is good timing since the upcoming holiday season is historically associated with a substantial uptick in Fraud related crimes, especially online related Fraud. If you want to browse more International Fraud Awareness Week 2021, head over to Fraud week .  Their resource page also hosts a lot of good information that is worth consuming.

On the topic of online related Fraud, Europol launched the self-awareness campaign earlier this month to raise awareness on how to stay safe when you head online to do your shopping. So if you have started to shop for holiday gifts, head over to Europol to brush up on your awareness skills.

Europol – Love online shopping? Here’s how to protect yourself against online scammers

Online Fraud and many other online related crimes are available in Europol’s strategic product, the Internet Organised Threat Assessment (IOCTA), and yesterday (Nov 11th), they released IOCTA 2021. It is an excellent product, and I can warmly recommend digging into it over the weekend if you need something to read.

Europol – Internet organised crime threat assessment (iocta) 2021