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Johan Landström

Weekly Round-Up 19-23 Sept- 22

We officially hit a new yearly season last night when we passed the autumnal equinox, which turns the days quickly darker, fast, here in the Nordics. However, at Acuminor, the mood is on top. Here are some highlights from our intelligence department and what they have picked up on over the past week.

Interpol has coordinated a massive operation over five weeks and netted some impressive results targeting large-scale drug trafficking and precursor chemicals.

Interpol- Drug trafficking operation nets record seizures and 1,333 arrests.

Europol is also very active. In a joint effort where 20 countries participated in a hackathon with 85 investigators from across the EU, checked 114 platforms for human trafficking activities.

Europol- 20 Countries spin a web to catch human traffickers during a hackathon.

Europol and Eurojust have also supported Guardia Civil, Arma dei Carabinier and Guardia di Finanza in a large-scale narcotics and money laundering investigation into Italian mafia activities in Spain.

Europol- 32 arrests in series of actions against the Italian mafia in Spain.

The DOJ in the USA released a statement on a case regarding Covid Relief fraud. A non-profit organisation with 200+ meal sites in Minnesota perpetrated the largest COVID-19 fraud Scheme in the Nation

The United States of Department of Justice- U.S Attorney announces federal charges against 47 defendants in $250 million feeding our future fraud scheme.

A large operation saw Icelandic police foiling a potential terror attack against the public and state institutions.

RUV- Terror attack foiled in Iceland.

For this week’s long reads, Global Initiative has released new reports. The first is a typology report with great insights into patterns to look out for regarding the online illegal wildlife trade.

Global Initiative- Typology reports: A new weapon in the fight against the online illegal wildlife trade.

They also released a strategic organised crime risk assessment on South Africa, where they dig into the nature of the threat and how organized crime operates within the country.

Global Initiative- Assessing South Africa’s organized crime risk.

That’s it for this week. Until next time have a fantastic weekend.