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Johan Landström

Weekly Round-Up 22-26 August-22

Another week has soon passed and there has been a quite wide arrange of topics that has flown passed our desks. Here are some of the stories you can dig into over the weekend if you fancy some reading.

To follow up on the wave of sanctions that was introduced six months ago with anti-oligarch project Ithe ICIJ has released their investigation into the “Financial structures behind oligarchs’ seized yachts”.

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists-  Leaked files shed light on financial structures behind oligarchs’ seized yachts.

More news on seized yachts has come from Gibraltar where the first auction of a seized vessel has seen its first sale.

The Guardian- $75m superyacht linked to Russian steel billionaire auctioned off in Gibraltar

A completely different story from the world of fraud and crypto currencies. The chief communication officer at the crypto Exhange Binance was a target for so called Deep Fake technology which was used by hackers using to impersonate him to commit Exhange listing frauds.

Bitcoin-Hackers Used Deepfake of Binance CCO to Perform Exchange Listings Scams

If you want to read more on the threat posed by deep fakes, Europol released an update to their exploration into Deep fakes earlier this year.

Europol- Facing Reality? Law Enforcement and the Challenge of Deepfakes.

The USA senate and committee on finance has released findings from the Wyden investigation where they have found a major loophole in offshore account reporting. This has a significant impact on the possibility to commit tax crimes.

United State Senate Committee on Finance- Wyden Investigation Uncovers Major Loophole In Offshore Account Reporting.

In the realm of Cybercrime, NATO is investigating the impact of a data breach of classified military documents being sold by a hacker group online.

BBC-Nato investigates hacker sale of missile firm data.

And to finish off with a longer read Global Initiative has released a report on Arms trafficking and organized crime which is worth diving into.

Global Initiative- Arms trafficking and organized crime: Global trade, local impacts.

Until next time, have a fantastic weekend!