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Johan Landström

Weekly Round-Up 24-28th Oct-22

Welcome to this round-up of financial crime-related news this autumn week. Here are some of the highlights we have picked out from the past week's information flow.

The Dutch police seized 1.2 million euros in cash, several firearms, expensive watches, and fashion items during searches for a Spanish investigation into ATM bombings and money laundering.

NL Times- Dutch police seize €1.2 mil in Spanish investigation into ATM bombings, money laundering

A prolific scammer was arrested in Tenerife, Spain, by the National Police (Policía Nacional), resulting from a complex investigation involving four countries.

Europol- Suspect arrested in connection with a million euro investment fraud

The operator of the Dark marketplace, The Real Deal, which sold, among other things, hacking tools and stolen login credentials and shut down in 2016, was arrested in the UK.

The Verge- British hacker charged for allegedly running The Real Deal dark web market

The United Nations Security Council counter-terrorism body has a meeting today (Friday) focused on the growing threat posed by new and emerging technologies.

The United Nations- Security Council counter - terrorism body to review growing threat posed by new technologies

Europol admits the problem is worse than it first realised, with organised crime networks better connected and increasingly violent.

Euronews- Europe hit by "cocaine wave" sparking a rise in violence, Europol says

To end the round-up for this week, here are two longer reads. Starting with a longer article from OCCRP investigating a notorious weapons broker from Nigeria.

OCCRP- Notorious Nigerian Weapons Broker Lands Secret Arms Deal in Senegal

And fresh from the presses, Global Financial Integrity has released a report on China's role in transnational crime and illicit financial flows.

Global Financial Integrity- Made in China: China's Role in Transnational Crime and Illicit Financial Flows

That is all for this week, dear friends. Until next time have a fantastic weekend.