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Johan Landström

Weekly Round-Up 29 Aug-2 Sept-22

Autumn is at the doorstep here in Sweden with some crisp air rolling in, and nature’s colour shift has begun. As often, it is a mixed bag of news and write-ups that has passed our desks this week and here are some of our picks for some weekend reading if you have missed out.

Tax crime can often be very lucrative. There are reports on busts and seizures connected to tax crimes from the Netherland, hungry and France. In the Netherlands, the tax authority seized twenty million illegal cigarettes and 23,000 kilograms of tobacco.

NL Times- Tax Authority investigative service seizes 20 million illegal cigarettes.

Europol supported an operation that led to dismantling a criminal network involved in large-scale tax fraud.

Europol- Cigarette smugglers busted in Hungary for causing over EUR 8 million in budgetary losses.

And in France, the French tax authorities say artificial intelligence has helped them rake in €10 million by detecting undeclared swimming pools.

Euronews- France uses artificial intelligence to detect more than 20,000 undeclared swimming pools.

From the world of Cryptocurrencies, it is reported that the world’s largest crypto exchange by volume, Binance has frozen assets belonging to a Russian gun manufacturer who raised funds for the country’s troops in Ukraine.

Coindesk- Binance Froze Russian Gun Maker’s Crypto Assets, Amid Ukrainian Pressure.

The IMF calls for a global response on regulating cryptocurrencies and crypto markets.

IMF- Regulating Crypto

More regulatory news comes from the European Banking Authority and Switzerland, advocating proactive and tougher responses.

EBA- EBA calls more proactive engagement between supervisors in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing colleges.

Swissinfo- Switzerland should get tougher on money-laundering, says report.

To end this weekly roundup, Insight Crime has released a news story with a historical take on the global cocaine trade. It is a great reading over a morning coffee.

Insightcrime- From Empires to World Wars- A History of the Global Cocaine Trade

Until next time, have a fantastic weekend.