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Johan Landström

Weekly Round-Up report 13-17 June

In the “Weekly Round-Up” we summarise and give extra reading suggestions for some of the past weeks financial crime news headlines, powered by Acuminor’s crime universe ThreatView® .

It is great being able to network again after two years of staying put in one place. Last week we attended the most extensive global fintech event, Money 2020, and this week we met up with fellow crime fighters at the ACAMS Europe conference. When looking into our sector, one obvious thing is that the availability of information explaining financial crime is a crucial success factor. So below are a few insights from the past week.

Starting with some frauds. Eurojust has supported law enforcement in Albania and Italy to dismantle a criminal network that has targeted the national health systems.

Eurojust- Fraud against Italian national health system halted with Eurojust support.

More frauds are exposed in the Interpol operation First Light 2022, where 76 countries participated in the clampdown on the organized crime groups behind telecommunications and social engineering scams.

Interpol- Hundreds arrested and millions seized in global INTERPOL operation against social engineering scams.

A more unusual fraud and counterfeit story from the UK, where a located-on London’s Oxford Street were serving up fake and potentially dangerous Wonka chocolate bars.

Sky news- Fake Wonka chocolate bars among £100,000 worth of counterfeit items seized in raids on Oxford Street stores.

Moving over to cybercrime, the information security blogger Brian Krebs published a story on how a Ransomware group has launched a new tactic to get victims to pay up. By releasing the stolen data in a searchable form int the public internet, they hope to shame victims into paying the ransom.

Krebson security- Ransomware group Debuts Searchable Victim Data.

Ransomware almost exclusively demands a ransom to be paid in virtual currency, which moves us to the new report from Global Initiative. If you want to dive into a bit longer read, get their report “Crypto, crime and control.”

Global initiative- Crypto, crime and control.

And to finish this week’s reading tips. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has released legislative guides to combat crimes that affect the environment, which are intended to support states in enacting or strengthening domestic legislation on various forms of crimes that affect the environment.

United nations- Three new expert-led UNODC legislative guides to combat crimes that affect the environment.

This is the last Round-Up before the summer, have a nice summer holiday!