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We'll help you create a tailored solution that matches your specific risk exposure, by picking the appropriate intelligence content and platform modules to for you.


Retail, corporate, enterprise investment, and correspondent banking

  • Tailor our intelligence content to the specific context of each business unit – with highly granular risk indicators and threats depending on the products, transactions, geographies, channels, and customers served.
  • Maintain a centralized risk assessment methodology across your whole organization.
  • Easily aggregate a dynamic view of your risk across diverse business units without a painful annual data collection and workshop process.
  • Balance the global and local dynamics effectively and remove silos by maintaining a central view of risks and implementing global controls while allowing each business unit or region to localize effectively.

Wealth management

  • Generate your enterprise-wide risk assessment with a step-by-step process.
  • Receive financial crime analysis tailored to your operations.
  • Prepare for regulator requests with easy reporting.
  • Build a bespoke financial crime action plan for your organization.

Real estate

  • Get a clear understanding of the financial crime risks unique to the real estate industry.
  • Generate your enterprise-wide risk assessment with a step-by-step process.
  • Empower your first line of defense to act by providing granular details on threats and risks. 

Payments providers

  • Optimize your transaction monitoring processes. 
  • Understand your true risks, broken down by customer profile, transaction type, and geography. 
  • Reduce the time spent on your enterprise-wide risk assessment through automation. 
  • Tailor your view of risk to your specific context depending on your products and position in the payment flow, as these will look very different from a traditional retail bank.
  • Use a highly specific library of risks and risk indicators to explain why your controls need to be different from other financial institutions.

Small and medium financial institutions

  • Stay on top of licensing requirements.
  • Get a holistic view of obligations in all the countries you operate in.
  • Save time by automating your enterprise-wide risk assessment.
  • Optimize your budget allocation by prioritizing risks. 

Competent authorities and regulators

  • Work with us to share your views on the risks faced by the industry and let us help organizations integrate these into their financial crime programs.
  • Conduct sectoral or national risk assessments faster.
  • Manage your internal library of threats and risks.
  • Contact us for case studies on how we're supporting other regulators and competent authorities.
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Customer stories

The threat cards are useful for reviewing risk indicators and ensuring we're monitoring those relevant to the typology, jurisdiction, and entity of our business. It gives us a broad overview of the risk environment.

Head of Financial Crime
Tier 1 Bank, United Kingdom

The links to sources are very useful and we'll be using it to supplement our thematic reviews.

Regulatory Practice Lead
Tier 1 Bank, Sweden

Unlike other tools, Acuminor gives us the full picture of global, continental, and domestic threat intelligence, independent of jurisdiction.

Head of Financial Crime Analytics
Tier 1 Bank, Germany