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Harriet Shaw

Algbra and Acuminor form partnership to combat Financial Crime

Acuminor is delighted to announce it has entered a new relationship with Algbra to roll out Risk Assessment Professional platform across Algbra’s rapidly growing operations.

Acuminor’s Risk Assessment Pro platform and its underlying financial crime intelligence is designed to support Algbra in quic k ly and efficiently perform ing their Enterprise/Business Wide Risk Assessment and to cement a dynamic threat-led methodology at the heart of Algbra’s financial crime framework.

Acuminor’s UK Country Manager Harriet Shaw says: “We are so happy to be a trusted partner , helping Algbra to clearly understand their financial crime threats and risks , enabling them to grow their business safely . We support Algbra’s mission to provide ethical finance to underserved communities and are strong advocates of a nuanced approach to business as opposed to blanket de-risking.

The fintech sector is moving rapidly towards a more resilient defence against financial crime. It’s an honour to be entrusted by such an exciting company , and we are looking forward to a long and successful collaboration. ”

Algbra’s Head of Financial Crime Jamie Martin says: “ Keeping our customers safe and building resilience against financial crime is our top priority. It is also important to us to partner with organisations that share our values, so we are looking forward to working closely with Acuminor as our business grows. ”

Acuminor and Algbra will focus on first implementing a new threat-led approach to the Business Wide Risk Assessment, but once in place Algbra are excited to start using the outcomes of the risk assessment to identify gaps and make improvements across the ir financial crime framework, with a particular focus on new and improved transaction monitoring scenarios.

About Acuminor

Acuminor is a technology company specialising in financial crime threat intelligence and risk assessments. We help organisations understand and reduce their risks from money laundering, terrorist financing and sanction violations.

About Risk Assessment Pro

A ground-breaking approach to risk assessments and other strategic risk analysis. Enable informed decision-making based on facts, not gut feeling. Get comparable results across the organisation. Stay updated. Comply. And make a difference.