About us
Meet the passionate people making Acuminor possible and discover how we can help your company. For us, taking risks seriously is about making the world brighter.
Our company and our guiding principles

Grasping the overwhelming amount of information and complex details of global financial crime requires continuous intelligence. But simply collecting data is neither helpful for understanding the world nor relevant for clients who are required to comply with regulations. This insight sparked an idea and marked the beginning of Acuminor.

Today Acuminor provides its solution to several industries throughout Europe - including the financial sector, online gaming, law firms, real estate agents and authorities - regardless of size and complexity.

But Acuminor is not only about providing a risk solution. Because when we succeed, society as a whole benefits. In other words, we want to contribute to a brighter world.

Meet the team

We take great pride in the people making Acuminor possible. With many experts in various fields we can piooneer risk solutions and provide our clients with the best possible product. When we do our job – you can do yours.

Martin Nordh
CEO and co-founder
Background from law enforcement, justice department and international banking. Great experience in identifying and handling strategic financial crime risks in large organisations. Author and international lecturer in the subject. Llm, BA in Political Science and Law Enforcement degree.
Christian Squalli
COO and co-founder
Operative law enforcement background (Financial Intelligence Unit). Expert on new payment methods and has trained national and international authorities in criminal methods related to this. BA in Information Systems and Law Enforcement degree.
Sales and marketing
James Wink
Head of Sales and Partnerships
Has held various sales and sales management roles with AML vendors since 2003. Originally from London and has previously lived in France and since 2015, Stockholm.
Frida Spångberg
Marketing Officer
Has a background in events and marketing. Bachelor’s degree in Textile Technology & Entreprenurship and a One-Year Master’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Management.
Intelligence and Regulations
Andrea Sandlund
Chief Legal Officer and co-founder
Tax crime expert. Has vast experience from criminal investigations at the Tax Authority and actions against financial crime in the global retail banking industry. Llm.
Johan Landström
Chief Intelligence Officer and co-founder
Background from Swedish Police National Criminal Investigation Division, the online gambling industry and commercial banking. Very sound knowledge about cyber related criminality and information security. Expert in virtual currencies.
Ellinor Wepsäläinen
Strategic Intelligence Coordinator
Academic background and specialist in criminological analysis related to money laundering and terrorist financing. MSc in Criminology.
Sylvain Swynghedauw
Senior Intelligence Analyst
Operative law enforcement background (French Financial Intelligence Unit) and tax investigations at the French Tax Authority.
Design and development
Per Ersson
CTO and co-founder
Extensive experience from development of security solutions within online gaming and gambling, most recently with King. MSc in Computer Science.
Erik Tollstedt
Creative Director
More than two decades of professional experience in UX, branding and design for a wide variety of clients. MFA in Graphic Design.
Joel Degerman
Senior Programmer
Over 19 years of professional experience in designing and developing systems for secure environments. Has been responsible for both frontend and backend development of enterprise scale systems in various settings.
Elias Bergquist
Senior Programmer
Full stack developer with tech lead and devops experience in business critical systems and a penchant for elegant code.
Albin Byström
Junior Programmer
M.S.c student in Machine Learning at KTH with an interest in language models, deep learning, and information retrieval.
Andy Mcdonald
Senior Advisor
Over 30 years experience from UK law enforcement. Background from New Scotland Yard as Head of Fraud Squad and Head of Special Investigations at the Counter-Terrorism Command (SO15). Extensive knowledge about financial crime intelligence and investigations. Advises Acuminor on threats and risks.
Marie Torstensson Levander
Senior Advisor
Professor at Department of Criminology, Malmö University. Has spent her entire career on criminology research and has been responsible for numerous government evaluations and reports. Advises Acuminor on risk model validation.
Mara Wesseling
Senior Advisor
Researcher, trainer and founder of WES Consulting. Has 10+ years of academic research experience and authored several EU and national evaluations on AML/CFT policies. Advises Acuminor on counter- terrorism financing.

Marketing Officer – temporary position

We are looking for an experienced marketing officer for a parental leave position from mid March 2020 to February 2021.

Acuminor is a Swedish RegTech company founded in 2018. Acuminor has developed a digital platform for risk assessments that mitigate financial crime such as money laundering, terrorist financing and sanction violations. The company collects and analyses information on criminal methods from hundreds of sources and distributes the information digitally. Our customers are within banking, finance, law and gaming and with our service they can create a comprehensive risk assessment faster and more cost-effectively.

As a marketing officer at Acuminor, you will work closely with the sales team and the CEO and your duties will consist of:

  • SEM and campaign work
  • Daily use of leads generating system, CRM and Google Analytics
  • Content research and planning for social media and news reporting from the industry
  • Project management to drive marketing and sales projects forward
  • Planning and execution of events, internal and external
  • Communication in the form of newsletters, films and such
  • Ongoing SEO work with our creative director
  • Planning and research for expansion into new markets

We are looking for the following qualifications and characteristics:

  • Relevant education (within marketing, communication or similar) and 3+ years’ experience in a similar work position
  • Project management skills
  • Team-player
  • Driven
  • Fluent in Swedish and English in both written and spoken
  • A visionary outlook
  • Self-sufficient
  • Creative

We put a lot of value in personal characteristics. Come and join our ambitious, fun and innovative team, welcome with your application! Please send your CV and covering letter to frida@acuminor.com

In dealing with risks, threats and legal requirements there simply is no room for error.

This is why Acuminor utilises the latest and most secure standards and technologies to safeguard all aspects of our business. In fact, our founding idea is built upon safety and security – regardless if it concerns sending an e-mail, providing professional reports or having a meeting with clients.

In other words: integrity is our livelihood and hallmark.

Regardless if you are a government agency, a small law firm or a global financial enterprise – Acuminor is to be trusted.

Let´s talk!

Are you curious about our risk solutions or interested in booking a demo? Or maybe you have questions about our products or who we are? Regardless, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.