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Johan Landström

Weekly Round-Up 15-19th August-22

The summer is still ongoing here in Scandinavia, and a few of us are still enjoying vacations, but here at Acuminor, it is as busy as always. It seems that crime does not have a holiday schedule.

To start, I want to reiterate the announcement from earlier this week that we are starting up the breakfast seminars that we used to run pre-covid. Our senior intelligence analyst, Mara Wesseling, will talk about the de-risking of NPOs from a terrorism financing perspective and the unintended consequences.

Acuminor- Welcome to Acuminor’s seminar- The intended of terrorist financing controls on NPO’s on September 15th.

This past week have seen a lot of exciting stories. So, if you are just back from your holidays and want to catch up, here are some excerpts.

Let’s start with the most urgent and hopefully preventive news story. Apple has disclosed a serious security flaw that affects their devices that are actively exploited by “hackers”. So, update the software on your Apple devices as soon as possible to stay safe from cybercrime.

The Guardian- Apple security flaw hack ‘actively exploited’ by hackers to fully control devices.

The cryptocurrency sector has seen a very volatile year that has affected the markets. But has it also affected the criminals’ use of cryptocurrency? The crypto analysis firm Chainalysis has released their mid-year crypto-crime study that suggests that illicit activity is decreasing, with a few exceptions.

Chainalysis- Mid-year crypto Crime Update: Illicit Activity Falls With Rest of Market, With Some Notable Exceptions.

Staying in the Cryptoverse, Dutch authorities inform that they have arrested the person who has created the money laundering/mixing service Tornado Cash. The man is suspected of concealing criminal money flows and facilitating money laundering.

NL Times- Amsterdam man arrested for creating cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash.

Across the Atlantic, the FBI announced the results of a nationwide sex trafficking operation that identified and located 84 minor victims of child sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation offences and located 37 actively missing children. Fantastic work, FBI!

The United States of Departement of Justice- FBI announces Results of Nationwide Sex Trafficking Operation

To end this round-up, dive into the APG 2022 Yearly Typologies Report. Containing information on regional typologies, including details on ML and TF trends and a compendium of case studies.

APGML- 2022 APG Yearly Typologies.

Until next time, have a fantastic weekend!