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Financial crime knowledge management

Stay ahead of emerging risks with industry-leading intelligence data and align the organization with a single taxonomy and library of threats and risks


Drive your financial crime strategy with intelligence

The Acuminor Intelligence Operating System can help you set strategy, manage tactical information, drive change, and empower the first line of defense.  

Understand and disseminate threat and risk Intelligence

Align everyone with a single Taxonomy and understanding

Document and evidence actions and rationale of your program

Provide context to the business to improve outcomes

Identify emerging risks and gather insights as they arise

  • Receive ongoing Acuminor updates to stay informed​.
  • Add your own insights from the business, news/media articles, bespoke research, information from public/private partnerships, etc.​
  • Compare new information with existing data to identify gaps.
7 - Financial-intelligence-unit-horizon-scanning

Manage your organization-wide taxonomy and library of threats and risks

  • Utilise Acuminor's expert-built taxonomy as your baseline.
  • Add/adapt this and make it specific to your organization​.
  • Search historical analysis and track changes/actions over time​.
  • Avoid internal duplication or confusing terminology​.
  • Respond to stakeholder questions quickly and confidently.​

Communicate risks and get feedback at sufficient granularity to act

  • Provide detailed context to the user that needs it​.
  • Tailor views to ensure relevance to each user​.
  • Retain full central control over library content​.
  • Capture and incorporate feedback loop​.
  • Track user engagement providing inputs and receiving outputs.

Document and evidence work done and your team’s impact

  • Maintain your institution’s specific perspective on each risk​.
  • Evidence any changes done and the motives behind it​.
  • Go back in time to understand the context of historical decisions​.
  • Effectively demonstrate the team’s actions and outcomes.

Rate threats, risks, and controls to prioritize and track changes over time

  • Assess strength of threats, risks, and controls​.
  • Use data automatically or gather qualitative/quantitative inputs​.
  • Test potential scenario of changes in risks/controls in the sandbox​.
  • Track changes in inputs and outputs over time.
Find out how you can make intelligence the cornerstone of your financial crime program.

Customer stories

The threat cards are useful for reviewing risk indicators and ensuring we're monitoring those relevant to the typology, jurisdiction, and entity of our business. It gives us a broad overview of the risk environment.

Head of Financial Crime
Tier 1 Bank, United Kingdom

The links to sources are very useful and we'll be using it to supplement our thematic reviews.

Regulatory Practice Lead
Tier 1 Bank, Sweden

Unlike other tools Acuminor gives us the full picture of global, continental, and domestic threat intelligence, independent of jurisdiction.

Head of Financial Crime Analytics
Tier 1 Bank, Germany