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Thematic/business threat assessment

A platform to quickly understand the specific threats you face and how this risk will manifest across your business. Deep-dive on a specific threat or assess the whole organization as granularly as you need. 


Drive your financial crime strategy with intelligence

The Acuminor Intelligence Threat Assessments can help you set strategy, manage tactical information, drive change, and empower the first line of defense. 

Stay on top of the latest emerging criminal typologies

Tailor your approach to the specific threats you face

Align everyone with a single taxonomy and understanding

Provide context to the business to improve outcomes

Access the latest intelligence on criminal typologies specific to your business context

  • Use Acuminor’s global intelligence to understand what matters to your geographies, customers, products, transactions and channels.
  • Trace every typology and risk indicator back to the source documentation to evidence your research and understanding.
  • Read more about our intelligence here.
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Feed your threat assessment into your enterprise-wide risk assessment

  • Create a tailored threat assessment to match the granularity of your EWRA and feed into your EWRA cycle.
  • Demonstrate to regulators that you have a detailed understanding of the local threats you face and have tailored your approach to the local context.
  • Want to improve and automate your EWRA as well? Read more here.

Embed intelligence into downstream controls

  • Ensure your transaction monitoring scenarios are finely tuned to cover the specific threats you face to reduce noise and improve detection.
  • Provide your investigators with the context to understand what the red flags they’ve spotted could mean and evidence their work.
  • Calibrate your customer risk scoring methodology to focus on the true risks faced for each customer context to improve customer experience and reduce cost.
  • And much more…

Communicate risks and get feedback to engage the business

  • Provide each risk and control owner the specific intelligence they need.
  • Allow the risk and control owners to add their own intelligence to build out the company knowledge base.
  • Align everyone with an organisation-wide taxonomy and understanding.

Stay up to date over time and quickly refresh your threat landscape

  • Stay ahead of the latest criminal activity with continuous ongoing intelligence updates.
  • Track changes over time and evidence the context of why you made decisions based on the threats you faced in the past.
  • Test scenarios for business decisions such as launching new products, and see the impact on the risks you will face.
Find out how you can make intelligence the cornerstone of your financial crime program.

Customer stories

The threat cards are useful for reviewing risk indicators and ensuring we're monitoring those relevant to the typology, jurisdiction, and entity of our business. It gives us a broad overview of the risk environment.

Head of Financial Crime
Tier 1 Bank, United Kingdom

The links to sources are very useful and we'll be using it to supplement our thematic reviews.

Regulatory Practice Lead
Tier 1 Bank, Sweden

Unlike other tools Acuminor gives us the full picture of global, continental, and domestic threat intelligence, independent of jurisdiction.

Head of Financial Crime Analytics
Tier 1 Bank, Germany